Omnichannel Sales Management Solution SotaERP - Optimize Your Business Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Synchronize sales, product, and customer data across all channels.
  • Automate processes and minimize manual tasks. 
  • Analyze data and optimize business strategies.
  • Expand your market and attract potential customers.​

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Benefits of SotaERP's Omnichannel Sales Management System

SotaERP's Omnichannel Sales Management System enables businesses to gather essential customer data while optimizing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By offering a platform that unifies multiple sales channels, it allows you to monitor and evaluate each campaign's performance, ultimately improving the customer experience in the most efficient manner.

Noticeble points of the Omnichannel Sales Management module that SotaERP provides
  • Optimize inventory management: Ensure accurate tracking of inventory, avoiding shortages or surpluses of goods.
  • Update product information quickly: Save time and effort by updating product information on all sales channels with just one operation.
  • Analyze business performance: Provide detailed reports on sales, profits, conversion rates, helping to make smart business decisions.
  • Enhance customer experience: Create flexible and convenient shopping conditions for customers through many different sales channels.

Connect multi-channels for efficient sales with SotaERP Omnichannel Software

Retail Stores



Social Media

Single platform to manage all

Customer Relationship Management
Sales Management
Inventory Management
General Dashboard

Customer Data






Challenges of businesses without Omnichannel system

Omnichannel order management and operation process

  • Difficulty in tracking and managing inventory
  • Having trouble updating product information across multiple channels
  • Difficulty in tracking and managing scattered orders across many different channels, leading to inconsistent sales reports

Sales management

Integrate end-to-end modules to manage the distribution of goods to consumers

Handle sales transactions from quote to payment and delivery

Summarize sales data and export sales report data

Connect with Shopee and Tiktokshop platforms to manage sales on multiple channels.

Update inventory status quickly and accurately

Integrating Inventory Management Module in SotaERP's Omnichannel system

Product management

Create and manage detailed product information, including SKU codes, descriptions, prices, and images.

Warehouse management

Create and manage your warehouses, including address and description information.

Import/Export order management

Create and manage import/export orders, including tracking import/export history and managing inventory quantities.

Order management

Create and manage orders from customers, track status and shipping information.

Inventory calculation

Provides inventory calculation tools such as FIFO, LIFO to manage inventory costs.

Serial and Lot Number Management

Manage the product's serial number and lot number, helping to track the origin and bill of lading.

​Reporting and analytics

Provides reporting and analytics tools to track warehouse performance and optimize warehouse management processes.

Customer Relationship Management


Track leads and access business opportunities
Automate operations and focus on customer relationships and revenue
Contact customers effectively and quickly via Zalo chat

Advanced Reporting

HR bases reports play a key role in management operations and SotaERP lets you develop advanced analytical reports

Multidimensional Reporting
Real-time Reporting
Customizable Reporting
Automated Reporting

Fully integrated with other SotaERP apps

 Digital Marketing Platform

Enhance customer retention with tailored marketing automation campaigns.

 Human Resource Management

Ensures efficient workforce management: Recruitment, C&B, L&D, etc.

 Accounting & Finance

Enables real-time cash flow, revenue, cost control, accurate reports, etc. 

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