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Desktop PC & Laptop

Run your shop on a PC or laptop with web-based POS software. Use USB barcode scanners and print receipts with compatible printers via your web browser. An IoT Box can integrate additional hardware like scales or printers.

Tablet (iOS and Android)

Tablets are compact, user-friendly, and portable for shop mobility. We recommend iPads with the Heckler Design Windfall Stand.

Industrial Touchscreen

Industrial touchscreens are a robust choice for busy shops and restaurants, offering durability and security. They work seamlessly with SotaERP POS and support the same peripherals as laptops and PCs.

Reward your loyal customers with points, gifts, and discounts

Fully automated very quickly

Register your customers and track their buying habits

Send invoices directly by linking with SotaERP email marketing

Keep in touch with your customers

And keep them coming back with loyalty programs.

Integrated Inventory Management

Efficient Procurement Management with Real-time Control and Precise Forecasting

Effortlessly manage inventory with SotaERP Inventory app. It records POS transactions in real-time, monitors product availability, and seamlessly integrates with SotaERP eCommerce for multi-channel efficiency

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Exploring the Benefits of Offline Mode in POS Systems

This allows you to sale in cashier view even if your Internet connection is unstable.

Everything is recorded on your devices and will be synchronized again when you reconnect

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