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Difficulties of furniture manufacturers & retailers

Due to complex manufacturing process and variety of product designs, it is never easy for furniture manufacturers to manage their work. They have to deal with hundreds of sales orders with different types of products. Material planning will play an important role to make sure that manufacturing can adapt to customers' delivery.

Besides, inventory management is also a problem that you need to handle to avoid loss and waste.

Low level of automation and lots of manual work can be a barrier to the digital transformation.

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We can list down some of pain points that a furniture manufacturer can face off:

  • Using many papers leads to difficulty in managing quality, quantity and product cycle time
  • Manual work leads to many mistakes, time wasting and materials wasting
  • Traditional process can slow down the whole process
  • Hard to calculate exactly manufacturing cost
  • Many types of raw materials, semi-finished products and products, can not be updated real time

These difficulties can be barriers that slow down your digital transformation process. SOTA ERP with many powerful functions can be solutions for these existing problems.

Solutions for furniture manufacturers & retailers

Here are some main features of ERP system:

  • Website for retail
  • Material requirement planning
  • Manufacturing tools
  • Product life cycle
  • Quality control
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Customers relationship management
  • Project

ERP Apps

Boost your sales

Customer relationship management

Take care all your sales opportunities & customers' information

Rental management

Gain stable income from your rental activities

Professional website builder

Gain more leads with a professional look website

Point of sales

Manage your point of sales effectively

Perfect website tools

You can create an e-commerce website easily with just some clicks. Choose your favorite blocks and customize your own page to make your furniture products stand out.

You can get more leads by chatting with customers visiting your website.

Besides, you can also add more values for your customers by providing some useful information via blog posts...

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Professional quotation

With quotations, you can quickly create a quotation for your customers, check available stock, see your profit. You can also send quotation via email and convert them to a sale order by just a click.

Powerful quotation tools

Run your manufacturing workshop

Product bill of materials

Define your BOM to calculate you production cost as well as production activities.


Cost analysis

Cost analysis tool helps you know material cost, production cost, labor cost...

Manufacturing Orders

See all your manufacturing orders, material availability and other needed information.

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Product life cycle

Create and approve your product life cycle whenever there is a change.


Stock place

Manage your stock places and all related process


Execute inventory adjustment, delivery, input, internal transfer easier with barcode module

Replenishment rule

Automate your production and purchasing process with replenishment rule

Stock report

See all your stock reports in real time.

See all transfer history


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