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Auto repair and garage management software

Are you managing a automobile garage? Have you been facing off one these problems below?

  • Hard to keep relationship with customers due to manual record.
  • Hard to manage cars' repair history
  • Hard to evaluate team's efficiency
  • Don't know exactly your inventory's situation
  • Hard to evaluate your business's health

These problems comes from manual management. Fortunately, with the help of technology, you can make a huge changes to your business

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Main features

Garage (Project) managers / Project users / Technicians can fill the job card with vehicle details

Customers can accept a cost sheet estimate for vehicle repairing from the portal of the website

The manager can give instructions to the technician and users

Main features

You can create an invoice for vehicle servicing/repairing as shown

Managers can set the type of vehicle for which the garage provides service

Manager can also set the repair category for the garage

Job card

Manage all your job in one view

Portal view for customers

Customers can view and sign before starting the job

Dynamic report

Detailed and dynamic report

Job card detail

You can manage your customer's vehicle detail with many information tabs

  • Vehicle detail with basic information and service details. You can also upload images of vehicles before starting repair procedure.
  • List necessary materials and repair procedures al well as their prices in the "Cost Sheet".
  • Customers can log in your website portal to see their job card and sign to accept the repair and cost.
  • Manager can give instruction to your employees, update checklist.
  • Materials are listed in requisition lines.
  • View timesheets of the job
  • Create invoice for customers
  • Deliver the car to customer and change stage of the job to "Delivered"

With a clear process, all procedures can be easily executed step by step

John DOE • CEO of Automobile Garage 

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Create and manage invoices, account dashboard with affective reports

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