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Your campaigns are delivered instantly in your contacts' pockets.

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Why should businesses use SMS Marketing?

SMSs get higher engagement and conversion rates compared to other marketing channels.

Do you need to remind your attendees about your event tomorrow? Do you have a flash promotion that lasts five hours? Go for an SMS campaign!

While top-notch email campaigns might linger unnoticed in various inboxes, SMS messages land directly in your recipients' mobile devices, practically ensuring immediate reads within minutes.

Schedule your Smart campaign with SotaERP platform

  • Arrange a specific date and time for your campaign, enabling our platform to automatically dispatch messages at optimal timings.
  • Our Contacts app now features an additional action button, allowing you to choose numerous contacts and transmit group SMS messages seamlessly.
  • Utilize app-purchased credits to cover the cost of the SMS messages you send.

Quantify the campaign's generated revenue

Easily view the statistics with the Link Tracker that shows you the number of clicks in the statistics and from where you have got that click. 

Kick-off your campaign with 


per message

Another exciting aspect of managing SMS campaigns that you must pay attention to is the pricing.  For instance, transmitting an SMS to the United States will cost you 0.0108 credit. The credits can be bought straight from inside the app.

 Detailed Pricing

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