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(*) Cost for On-premise hosting not included

(**) Customization fee not included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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+ On-Premise: deployed on the enterprise's server, usually applied to businesses with a number of employees greater than 50 people, with their own operating IT department, providing proactiveness for businesses to deploy the software.

+ SotaERP Online: deployed on SotaERP's cloud computing platform or third party which has their own cloud. Accordingly, businesses will pay monthly software service rental fees. This form is often applied to small businesses with less than 50 employees, excluding customization. Through this, businesses will save personnel costs, infrastructure investment costs and maintenance costs. In addition, users can easily access the system via an internet connection without installation, minimizing risks from cyber attacks on the company's servers.

Your data is completely confidential to third parties. We are strictly committed to security before, during and after information development through the security appendix attached to the contract.

As SotaERP Online, we can setup instantly after receiving request.

As On-premise: Deployment time depends on the size of the business, the scope of deployed applications, and the level of investment in internal resources involved in the customization deployment process. This stage can last from 1 month to several years.

In addition to monthly costs, initially businesses will need to invest in training costs, system initialization support, and customization (if any). Additionally, if you customize, you will need to rent a server or invest in a separate server for your business.

For businesses with geographical locations greater than 20km, our support team will support through online channels such as GG meeting, Teamviewer, Mail, Gmail, Zalo,... Currently there are many customers. Our customers choose this support option, and we find that the effectiveness is often not too different from direct training and implementation. However, in case you still want direct support despite the geographical distance, you only need to pay additional travel and accommodation costs for the deployment team during the direct support days at your office. 

Although the software is linked with data, based on permissions, each employee in different positions and positions will only see allowed information on the software. And only members who are granted access can access your data. Thanks to that, important information within the company will not be shared outside.

You will receive a discount policy in the following cases: 

                             + 10% discount when registering for 2 years 

                             + 20% discount when registering for 3 years

When you choose the SotaERP Online package, all of your business data will be stored on the cloud computing platform managed by us.

Can I switch from SotaERP Online to On-premise?

When using SotaERP Online, you can download a backup of your database at any time through the control center. You own your data!

You can absolutely switch from SotaERP Online to On-premise.

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