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About Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarder is a party in logistics activity whose main role is connecting "Carriers" with "Customers".

Why Freight Forwarders are important?
  • Small customers with small quantity of product can't easily buy booking directly from carriers. They need Forwarders to help them deal with this case.
  • Using services from forwarders help customers to reduce logistics fee because forwarders help them find best route with best price. Furthermore, forwarders will collect goods from many customers into a shipment to help them reduce the transportation fee.
What Forwarders provide?

Besides finding best transportation solutions for customers, Freight Forwarders also provide some of these services:

  • Custom Clearance.
  • Documentation such as Bill of Lading, C/O, C/Q, import-export license.
  • Storage services...

Freight forwarders

Freight Manag​ement Solution​

Why do Forwarders need Freight Management Solutions (FMS)?

  • Work with many parties in logistics supply chain.
  • Deal with many information from customers' requirements, booking, pricing with carriers, transportation activities, to documentation...
  • Many duplicate and wasting time activities.
  • Manage huge number of customers/vendors, hard to scale up.
  • Follow up with many activities from many vendors/carriers.
  • Company's departments need to communicate each others frequently to update shipments' situation.

An Extensive Solution Tailored for Freight and Logistics Enterprises

  1.  Work & Project Management
  2.  Accounting & Finance
  3.  Instant Reports
  4.  CRM Management
  5.  Sales Managements
  6.  Booking Management
  7.  Shipment Managment

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Freight Forwarding Company

Accounting & Finance

The Accounting & Financial features of the SotaFMS module streamline financial operations for freight forwarding businesses. By inheriting data from various system modules and offering options for automatic or manual accounting, it ensures seamless integration and data accuracy. Automated reconciliation and electronic invoicing capabilities further enhance efficiency, while comprehensive accounting functions cover all aspects from cash and bank accounting to VAT and payroll management. With the ability to generate standardized financial reports and statements, SotaFMS facilitates compliance and informed decision-making, providing a robust solution for financial management in freight forwarding.

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SotaFMS kế toán

​​CRM and Sales Management

  • Standardize customer care processes
  • Manage all sales opportunities on one kanban interface
  • Manage customer lists by each salesman
  • Follow the customer care process closely: Plan approaches, calls, emails, meetings, quotes
  • Divide and manage teams according to many criteria: Region, service group, industry
  • Report revenue & profit for each salesman.


Potential customers


Potential sales


Price proposal

Booking & Shipment

Sale confirmation

Vendor/Carrier pricing list

The vendor/carrier pricing list feature offers freight forwarding companies centralized management of pricing data from various suppliers and carriers, facilitating real-time updates and accurate cost calculations. This feature allows for efficient supplier relationship management, customization of rate tables, and easy price comparison, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and providing a competitive edge in the market. By streamlining pricing processes, reducing manual effort, and enabling strategic procurement decisions, this module contributes to improved financial performance and customer satisfaction for freight forwarding businesses.

SotaFMS Vendor pricing list
"With pricing list in FMS, we can easily update prices anytime!"
 SotaFMS Vendor pricing list

How it works

Manage all your partner's pricing list in your system.

  • Easy to add/use
  • Clear to view

With variety of vendors/carriers to work with, Pricing/Product department's employees have to update price lists regularly to ensure that Sale department can have data to create quotations.

FMS provides information related to vendors/carriers, routes, 

cost price, POL/POD, price validity...

Quotation management

With FMS, we can create quotation with these features:

  • Customer's information
  • Transportation details
  • Route service
  • Surcharge services
  • Compare price/cost and preview margin. Easily adjust if needed
  • Send quotation to customers
  • Communicate internally with teammates

You can easily know how many quotations created, their situations and convert them to booking.

Quotation management

Booking management

In FMS, Booking can be created directly or converted from an quotation.

A booking contain main information:

  • Customers' information
  • Internal information
  • Transport details

You can also send Booking number to customers via system.


Customers can track the situation of order with booking number on your website!

freight booking
freight management

Shipment management

Whenever booking is confirmed by customers, you can convert it to a shipment by just a click.

Beside information inherited from quotation/booking, you can add other necessary things:

  • Packages information
  • Other routes information
  • Other services you provide to customers: custom clearance, handling fee, B/L fee,...
  • Create debit note for customers
  • Create vendor bills in the system
  • Update shipment's status
  • Preview shipment's profit

With different types of view (Kanban/List/Calendar), you can access to a specific shipment to view details inside.

Tracking your shipment online

You can help your customers know situation of shipment by providing them a Booking/Shipment number.

Tracking shipment online
Track your shipment easily online

Benefits of using SotaFMS module

Benefits of SotaFMS


Improve your system's automation up to 65% with FMS

Boost your sales

improve your sales to 200%, keep up with your customers relation


Improve your team's efficiency to a new level

Reduce wasting

Cut off up to 60% wasting time of operation

Fully integrated with other SotaERP Apps


Keep track of all interactions with your opportunities and customers and improve your sales cycle.       


Create invoices automatically based on sales orders, delivery orders, or contracts. View all of your customer account information from one location.


Turn quotes into professional-looking invoices in one click.

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