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Why do you need solutions for recruitment? 

  • Are you posting your jobs in many different platform?
  • Are you managing your recruitment process manually?

With recruitment application, you can

  • Create job vacancies
  • Public on your website, design
  • Manage all received CVs and recruitment process
  • Manage documents

Create and manage all your job vacancies and applicants

Manage job positions


Everything you need in one dashboard
  • Numbers to recruit
  • Number of applicants
  • Activities
  • Publish/Unpublish on your website
  • Go to details

Track your process

Manage hundreds of applicants by stages


Receive your CVs through your website


Contact your applicants


Schedule a meeting/interview with your applicants


Sign contract

Integrated Documents

Manage all CVs your received in Documents application

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Fully integrated with website builder. Easy to edit


Complete your process with employee management


Manage all related documents 

Unleash your growth potential

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