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State-of-the-art Enterprise Management Solution, satisfying all needs of enterprises in the digital transformation era. 


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An app for every need

No more painful integrations. Start now with basic features, expand with more advanced features when your business grows. 

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Why choosing SotaERP?

Beautiful. Easy-to-use

Even normal users can operate system without any difficulties.

All-in-one management software

Synchronized and seamlessly connected solution on one platform.

Low cost, quick deployment, high effective

We deploy our standard-modules ERP online (on cloud servers) to let you use our ERP at once, save investment cost, pay service fee monthly. 

"You focus on business and we focus on technology!"

Trusted team

Our team is led by leading experts with years of experience working with global clients, including many Japanese big manufacturers and Vietnamese government. We excel in consulting, analyzing the requirements of businesses and developing, system integration to meet clients needs.

Customize to fit each industry

 Sota ERP provides customers with flexible options suitable for business scale and production and business characteristics.

Our implementation process

Requirement collection and analysis

Consulting - Survey

Quotation and  implementation plan

Customers agree


Support and Maintenance

A cost-optimized ERP solution

SotaERP solution solves all outstanding problems that businesses face on the digital transformation journey in a cost-optimized way.

I don't have an IT department, so what convenient solution should I choose?
In the future, if I expand new products or business models, will I need to change the software?
I only have 10 employees, can I use it?
I have 1000 employees, is it too expensive?
I only want to pay the fee once, is it possible?
Will it be difficult or expensive to develop more features and increase users later?

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Our Case Studies

Employee Management Portal

An Employee Management Portal built for a technology company headquartered in Vietnam. The system helps manage 1000+ employees in 11 offices in various operations: personnel management, timekeeping, salary, company asset management and project management etc. 

  • Team size: 8 developers
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