Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing Management

Transform plastics and rubber manufacturing with a comprehensive ERP system that empowers you to control, optimize, and grow.

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An ERP for manufacturers solution designed by Epicor

The rubber and plastics industry is thriving with innovation, especially as Industry 4.0 becomes more prevalent. Environmental concerns are driving a shift towards renewable polymers, while the inherent benefits of plastics continue to fuel its production growth. Epicor is positioned to help businesses in this sector improve efficiency and navigate the global competitive landscape through digital transformation and smart factory solutions.

  • Epicor for Rubber and Plastics is a versatile enterprise solution tailored for businesses engaged in various manufacturing processes like injection and blow molding,...
  • It’s suitable for both make-to-stock and make-to-order models, addressing the stringent demands of industries ranging.
  • Epicor supports a range of manufacturing complexities and modes with a unified system, making it an ideal partner for managing customer requirements and build plans.

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Supports all rubber and plastic production models


Our system helps make-to-order manufacturers with detailed estimation, quoting, planning, scheduling, and production monitoring so they can deliver high-quality, profitable products.


Whether you specialize in injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, thermal forming, extrusion, or other complex manufacturing techniques, our solutions simplify your operations.

Regulated Industries

For companies with strict requirements for product and material traceability, our system offers comprehensive track-and-trace capabilities and advanced quality control software.

Automotive Plastics​

Epicor CMS for Automotive Supply Chain Plastics Producers is a global ERP solution. It’s built for organizations that manufacture and distribute plastic products to the automotive industry.

Go digital, unlock new revenue streams, and optimize operations!

Integrated Solutions with Room to Grow

Through integrated ERP technology, your business streamlines key processes and gains the flexibility to implement new ones. With more up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips, improve customer loyalty and win profitable new business.

  • Get marketing, sales, production, planning, sourcing, procurement, customer service, and finance — all in one integrated solution.
  • A modular design allows you to update your business capabilities on your timeline.

Focus on Quality

Statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC), the system uses real-time, automated data to respond to production conditions and implement continuous improvement.

  • Collect any kind of data from your equipment.
  • Make statistical analysis available to non-statisticians through visual interfaces.
  • Automate parts rejection.
  • Provide accurate delivery dates to every customer.

Reduce Cost and Waste

Effective forecasting and scheduling result in stronger buying power. Epicor software for Rubber and Plastics includes easy-to-use scheduling, inventory control with material requirements planning (MRP), and purchase suggestions for time-phased material control.

  • Schedule complex scenarios involving family molding or making multiple parts at the same time from a single mold.
  • Manage multi-resource constraints and capability-based scheduling.
  • Collaborate closely across the supply chain and automate procurement processes.
  • Perform detailed post-production cost analysis by production run.

Featured Products

Supplier Portal Solution

Our solutions help you safeguard your supply chain against future uncertainties and position it for long-term viability. Make data-driven decisions to drive productivity across the supply chain.

Smart IP&O

Smart IP&O uses ML for advanced materials planning and forecasting, optimizing cost savings and improving operations by automating forecasts and eliminating manual data entry.

Integrated Service Estimator

Generate fast, accurate and complete estimates that help drive mechanical repair revenue.

Indago WMS​

Turn inventory management into a lasting competitive advantage.

Challenges Solved for Rubber & Plastics Manufacturers​

Our project management software enables intricate, multilevel phases, strict project costing, and billing. Once in production, Epicor manages complex scheduling scenarios so you get the most out of your valuable investments.

  • Perform detailed estimation, planning, scheduling, costing, and supply chain logistics.
  • Manage the design, prototype, and manufacture of new mold and other projects.
  • Build optimal schedules for making several or many parts at the same time using a single mold on a machine.

Enables complex capabilities for plastic and rubber products operations—such as active cavity tracking and family molding—to help optimize efficiency and get higher return on investments in automation.

  • Build schedules that take into account all of the necessary mold and tooling changeovers.
  • Monitor equipment, assets, environmental factors, inventory locations, and their corresponding IoT data.
  • Detect patterns, raise alerts, and trigger business process changes — like raising a maintenance suggestion when equipment degradation is detected.

Within a single engineered product, our system helps you consistently manage bills of material (BOM) and bills of operation (BOO) as well as multiple levels of assemblies.

This allows engineers to visually configure all components—both manufactured and purchased, and for accurate scheduling and costing of multilevel assemblies.

  • Rules-based product configurations for Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ)
  • Integration with major CAD systems

Epicor infrastructure, including its quality suite, offers a comprehensive approach to automating a wide range of compliance requirements for rubber and plastics manufacturers.

Kinetic’s global, multisite capabilities help you find new revenue opportunities and compete with the world’s most efficient supply chains.

Streamline intracompany and intercompany processes and accurately communicate information across the company as well as with business partners.

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