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From Rental Quote to Invoice

Intuitive platform, user friendly, able to customize 

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Keep track of your r​​enta​​​l products

From Scheduling to Invoicing.

  • Easily follow the status of each item in the order (reserved, delivered, returned, invoiced)
  • The SotaERP platform also provides color coordination for visualization purposes.

SotaERP's Rental makes it easy to control all of business's rental operations

From Rental Quotations to Invoices

Create your rental order, schedule, deliver, return, and invoice from one single view.
Get all the information you need directly on the rental order.

Real-time Overview

Keep an eye on the availability of your products and serial numbers from a Gantt view. Need to maintain or check your products' quality? Keep them unavailable in-between two rentals with padding time.

Overdue Fines for Rentals

                              SotaERP platform allows the users to solve the issue by allocating fins on the late return of the product.

The user can simply select the product on return and will be directed to the quotation window where the user can view the overdue details

Diversified professional report

  • SotaERP platform allows the user to create reports of the rentals activities which are being conducted by the company
  • The reporting menu of the rental module can be filtered and grouped by the various default options available
  • The reports can be generated in form of charts , graphs and pie charts which are color coordinated for the visualization purposes in the report.

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