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Benefits of integrating SotaERP with Google Calendar

Google calendar integration

SotaERP platform allows the user to sync the Google calendar applications with SotaERP. This would be much beneficial in dealing with the appointment aspects as Google calendar being one of the most used calendar baked planning applications across the world

The user can allocate a meeting or an activity to a respective date by clicking on the date and a pop up window as shown below will appear to the users. Here the user can provide the summary of the meetings and select the create option. To edit the details the user can select the edit options available.

Flexible and smart time management

The calendar module allows the users to schedule activities which will be indulged within the company or outside the company operations

Monitor project and work progress

By synchronizing events and tasks from SotaERP to Google Calendar, you can:

  • View work schedules and project progress from Google Calendar SotaERP. Set reminders for important tasks to ensure you don't miss any milestones. 
  • Share work schedules and project progress with colleagues to create synchronization and enhance common understanding of the project.


A real-time calendar report

SotaERP platform allows the user to view the appointments reports in graphical, list or calendar view.

Additionally, the user can generate both analytical and quantitative reports on the appointment aspects of the company from the calendar module.

Fully integrated with other SotaERP apps


All-in-one event management platform, capable of handling all types of events of any size.


With SotaERP Project App, you will equip yourself with a powerful tool to manage projects effectively.


Keep track of all interactions with your opportunities and customers and improve your sales cycle.    

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