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Overview of the HRM module of the SotaERP system

HRM software is a tool to support businesses in human resource management. HRM is the foundation for businesses to exploit resources effectively, increase human resource capacity, create a bond between employees and the business, towards the common goals of the organization.

Noticeble points of the HRM module that SotaERP provides
  • SotaERP offers HRM which can automate payroll and compliance, ensuring accuracy and legal adherence while reducing administrative burdens.
  • Our HRM module offers comprehensive reporting and analytics for strategic decision-making, fosters employee engagement with self-service portals and performance feedback, and scales with business growth.
  • Its seamless integration with other SotaERP apps provides a cost-effective solution, unifying various business functions and driving overall efficiency and success.

SotaERP's Human Resource Applications







Main Features Of The HRM Module

Personel records management
Contract management
Recruitment management
Attendances management

Personel Records Management

Dedicated employee profile management features will assist you in storing employee information

​ Store employee skills and resumes
​ Store employee personal information

Contract Management

Contract management feature supports storing employee contract information.

Store information about Salary
Working Time
Contract Type
Contract Term

Recruitment Management

The recruitment management feature will help you digitize the recruitment process

Post recruitment ads on website and landing page

Manage candidate recruitment stages in a pipeline format

Receive applications from candidates through channels

Send automatic emails notifying candidates of results when they reach the configured stages

Attendances Management

Attendances Management helps track working hours, calculate salaries, automate processes, provide detailed reports, and integrate other modules

Attendance directly through the system or Integrating time clock with fingerprint
Manage employee leave applications
Track employee work time with Timesheet

Advanced Reporting

HR bases reports play a key role in management operations and SotaERP lets you develop advanced analytical reports

Recruitment analysis reports
Report on employee contract
Attendance reports
Time off analysis report

The SotaERP HR Management Has All The Dedicated Tools You Need

With the prominent collections of different iconic modules which are crafted for specific applications of the HR operations, you will be able to run the operations hassle-free and with the utmost excellence in operations.

Time-off Application

 Salary Application

 Fleet Application

 Accounting Application

Employee Application

Recruitment Application

Approvals Application

 Attendance Application

HRM - Comprehensive HRM, professional, helping businesses solve problems

Create solutions that work for your business

Why choose HRM module of SotaERP?

Intelligent App Integration

HRM module of SotaERP integrates cutting-edge HR technology, meeting businesses' evolving needs seamlessly.

Multi-Platform Deployment

Accessible and responsive on all devices, allowing for easy use anytime, anywhere.

Cost Efficiency

Pricing is based on the specific needs and usage volume of each business.

Customized Features

We tailor features to meet all customer requirements, optimizing them for each business's specific needs.

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