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Which CRM solution is suitable for small and medium businesses?
September 13, 2023 by
Uyen Duong

The advent of the industrial revolution has led to a significant increase in data generated from various sources, including websites, email campaigns, landing pages, conferences, and trade shows. Consequently, businesses have been confronted with a pressing issue: how to effectively handle input data and generate valuable insights as output. 

According to a recent report in Viet Nam, businesses such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and online retailers frequently encounter significant challenges when it comes to overseeing various facets of customer interactions, such as order management, manufacturing, freight handling, and customer support. Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software is one way to claim back some of those wasted admin hours.

As of 2014, the rate of businesses using ERP software in Vietnam has reached 17%(According to VECITA). By 2022, ERP application in Vietnam will be quite popular in businesses in all industries from banking, commerce, retail, garment, to packaging, mechanical engineering, furniture...

How to know if your business is ready for a CRM system?

If you’ve evolved beyond basic processes (think Excel spreadsheets and email conversations), and you’re opening up more than one system to run your business, then it’s time.

Understanding of CRM management system

A CRM system is a tech solution that helps businesses manage customer relationships by storing data tracking interactions, and streamlining various processes related to sales, marketing, and customer support.

Basic features of CRM in SotaERP

  • Allows building and managing customer database with required information
  • Allows customer segmentation through tagging function
  • Customer database is commonly used throughout the entire system to increase accuracy
  • Lead is a appraisal step before a lead actually becomes a business opportunity.
  • Lead can be created by authorized users or automatically from an incoming email.
  • Lead can be converted into an opportunity with just 2 clicks.
  • Provides a Kanban-style user interface that helps salespeople focus on important opportunities 
  • Manage all interactions and transactions with customers such as emails, phone calls, quotes, etc. 
  • Function which pursues opportunities that are considered promising 
  • Convert an opportunity into a quote with just one click 
  • Manage and delegate authority to the Sales team 
  • Convert an opportunity into a quote with just one click
  • Managing Customer Complaints 
  • Complaints can be created by customers through their Customer Portal, or can be created by sales staff 
  • Allows configuration of automatic actions 
  • Claims can be attached to a delivery order, an invoice, an order, etc. to help make classification and processing faster and easier.
Support request management
  • Support requests can be created by customers through the Customer Portal, or created by employees, or sent by customers via predefined emails.
  • Automatically configure operations for customer support
  • Lead Analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis

Why is SotaERP the perfect ERP system for SMBs?

There are countless platforms designed to help businesses save time, but there's also such a thing as not being optimized enough and even bad digitisation. This is when multiple platforms and software packages are used and don’t integrate or interact with each other.
Choosing a CRM - a single source of truth for your business in real-time that integrates with your existing processes, meaning accounting and tax, shipping and logistics, stock management and sales development all work together to work for you. 
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Here are the benefits of using SotaERP for SMBs.

SotaERP- an ideal ERP system that could be customizable and tailored to meet the specific needs of SMBs. Businesses can add or remove features per their requirements and integrate with other third-party applications.

SMBs require an ERP system that can support their growth without requiring a significant investment in new software. SotaERP is highly scalable and can be easily scaled up or down depending on the growth and requirements of the business.

SotaERP is significantly more affordable than other ERP systems, making it an ideal choice for SMBs with budget constraints without breaking a bank

SotaERP has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate. Users can quickly learn to use the system and perform tasks without extensive training. Staff can learn to use it quickly without dedicated IT staff or a large budget for training.

SotaERP can integrate with various third-party applications, making it easy to streamline business processes and reduce manual data entry. The integration capabilities of SotaERP make it an ideal ERP system for SMBs that need to connect with other systems or applications to improve their business processes.


SotaERP offers a comprehensive suite of applications from accounting to inventory management, project management to CRM. This comprehensive suite of applications makes it easy for SMBs to manage their business processes without purchasing and integrating multiple software solutions.