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Some of best HR management solution
October 19, 2023 by
Hung Tran

Main features of HR management system

HR management is one of most complicated system in enterprise management. A complex system will not only help you reduce wasted time and increase work efficiency but also keep your employees alongside with your company.

Manage your employees' documents, information.

From this portal, your employees can access to any information they need from attendance, payroll, leaves...

Integrated with your own website, recruitment module helps you public job vacancies and get more applications.

You can also manage applicants, recruiting process without any miss

A specified module for manage contracts and create pay slips for your employees automatically based on attendance, leaves and other working rules.

Imagine you have to create pay slips for more than 1.000 people per monthly by hand. That's a nightmare without tools.

How do you manage your employees' attendance, by finger print system, FaceID system or any other devices. Attendance management system needs to be integrated with these machines to collect attendance records. From this data, we can create pay slips for our employees.

Create allocation for your employees.

Leave requests can be created and approved through the system without using papers. Leaves can be automatically deducted from employees' allocation.

You can check leave history and remained leaves per year.

Document module help you organize every company's document by person, by department, by type...

KPI management is used to evaluate your employees' performance. This module is normally tailored to your business' requirement and differs from other companies.

Fleet/Asset management

Asset management is used to provide equipment, vehicles... to your employees

These modules are integrated in one platform that help you have all powerful tools for a comprehensive HR system.

A clear and visual dashboard can give your employees a good enthusiasm to work 

Here are some best solutions for HR management

SotaERP HR management

SotaERP is an integrated system for business management, including human resources.

Based on an open-source platform, SotaERP is designed to fit with every company's demand. Besides, other business processes can be treated through ERP system.

That could help you save more money and time to deploy a complete management system.

User-friendly interface and easy-to-use is big advantage of SotaERP.

Fastwork HRM+

Fastwork HRM+ is a complete system for HR management in Vietnam with some main features such as:

  • Staff
  • Hiring
  • KPI
  • Timesheet
  • Asset
  • Payroll
  • News

TANCA.IO is a Vietnamese start-up in HR management system. They provide solution for multi domains from small-sized companies to large groups. has plenty pricing option to adapt to your business model.


BambooHR is leading HR management software. Lean management system is big advantage of this software. It can be used in all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile).

Software's features cover hiring module, company's culture, employees profiles, training, e-sign, work capacity, time-off, easy reports.

However, this software dose not provide payroll function.

Misa Amis HRM

Amis HRM is a module of Misa Amis management system. They provide complete solution for grand business management with fully reports and analysis.