Digital transformation in freight management

Manage all your activities in one platform
September 13, 2023 by
Hung Tran

Digital transformation is becoming more and more popular in many fields and industries. How about Freight Services?

Before digital transformation

Freight services suppliers (also known as Freight Forwarders) play an important role in logistics supply chain. Their business focus on provide every services that good owners need to ship packages of goods to end customers. These services may include many different type of process. Freight Forwarders may provide directly some them, but in most cases, they are just the bridge between "Shippers" and "Consignees". In other words, they buy services from some partners and sell it to their customers.

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Due to many works and documents that needs to be executed according to this industry practice, freight forwarders are always frustrated with many papers. They normally have to work in high intensity because there are many customers to take care, many shipments to handle. Some time it could lead to a mess if if you don't have a powerful tool.

If you are a manager, synthesizing data and give decision on time seem to be very difficult.

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According to a recent research, Vietnamese logistics market has obtained a growth rate of 5.5% per year in period of 2022-2027. But it is only the bright side.

89% of Vietnamese logistics companies are small and medium companies. That means they normally don't have enough recourses including capital, human and technology in comparison with foreign logistics providers. So digital transformation will be the key to help them breakthrough and expand scale. But digital transformation is never easy like it seems to be. It is basically a process that you need to follow step by step to obtain. 

digital transformation process

How about the process?


"Understand" means you have to know exactly what benefits digital transformation can bring to your business. Set up your goals


Audit your operations to identify pain points, risks and solution you want


Benchmark your opponents, your peers to determine where you are


Develop detailed strategic plans to align IT execution to business strategy


Manage the process to assure the KPI


Provide regular report to BOD

This digital transformation process is not effective with freight management but also other industries.

Last but not least, you need to find a partner who can really help execute this process together. They can help you reduce time and save money from lost.

Let's see the magic of digital transformation

Increase your work efficiency by 60%
Wasted time reduced per day
Increase your sale opportunity by 200%
Create 100% competitive advantage

Key benefits of applying digital transformation

  • Turn from separated files to one platform while data is integrated. From pricing to quotation, booking, shipment
  • Reduce manual contact between departments in your organization
  • Monitor and evaluate your team's efficiency through visual dashboard
  • Reduce wasted time by eliminate duplicated works
  • Manage all your documents in one place. Easy to find, easy to handle when needed  

Outline your goals and set up KPI for digital transformation team.

Right decision, right process is more important than technology!

John DOE • CEO of AAA Logistics