Compare SotaERP and Base: Which solution is most optimal for Vietnamese businesses?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of ERP solutions
November 13, 2023 by
Uyen Duong

SotaERP and Base dominate Vietnam's tech market, trusted for business and personal use. Both excel in HR management, CRM, sales, retail, marketing, reporting, user interface, productivity, usability and so on. This concise comparison helps users in choosing the ideal solution based on application, costs, and terms.

Although they aim at the same mission of realizing the goal of digital transformation for businesses, each solution chooses its own product development philosophy, aiming to solve different problems in business management. The comparison of SotaERP and Base below will provide administrators with an overview and the most intuitive assessments to find out which is the optimal solution for Vietnamese businesses.

I. SotaERP- Overall business management platform

SotaERP is a versatile business software suite encompassing key areas like HRM, Sales, CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Project and Inventory management. With over 30 core modules and 1,000+ custom applications, it offers a unified platform to streamline business operations through digital transformation. The modular structure, customization options, and user-friendly interface make SotaERP a popular and effective ERP solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Features of SotaERP software

1. Explore these following SotaERP functions:

Elevate your business with SotaERP, offering full customization and outstanding features in modules like warehouse management, production, POS, CRM, and HR. Tailored for Ecommerce, FMCG, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Clinics, SotaERP allows flexible customization, optimizing operations. Explore our platform's dynamic modules for retail and fashion industries, ensuring precise operational efficiency

1.1. Sales Management

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Sales activities management features in Sota ERP software include:

1.2. Warehouse Management Module – Inventory

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Tool to promote warehouse management system reform. Main functions include:

1.3. Production Management Subsystem – Manufacturing

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The Manufacturing Production Management module helps businesses manage, plan, monitor and schedule all production activities.
Enterprises implementing Production will be able to manage the entire production process including:

1. Manage weekly/daily production plans
2. Manage raw material norms

3. Manage production work 

4. Manage work order status

5. Calculate production costs

6. Manage production plans
7. Manage production orders
8. Update production results by day
9. Manage production job status

1.4. Financial Accounting Subsystem (Accounting)

Helps businesses deploy SotaERP to integrate bookkeeping with all accounting activities, avoiding double-entry situations.

1. Account system

2. Bookeeping

3. Set up the initial accounting system

4. Sales Accounting

5. Fund transfer

6. Purchase Accounting
7. Definition of VAT

8. Bank account

9. Terms

10. Staff costs

11. Accounting reports: Balance sheet, Profit/Loss, Cash flow, Ledger number, Partner ledger, Debt age

2. Some highlight benefits of SotaERP solution:

SotaERP is highly appreciated for its ability to accurately reflect business structure and centralized data management on a single platform, supporting operations to operate as smoothly as when executed in the real world. 

Process Automation feature

An outstanding advantage of SotaERP software - helping it stand out from other software is automating the BPA process, plus streamlining workflows between departments. With a user-friendly activity dashboard, businesses can efficiently plan and monitor tasks, ensuring employees stay on track. This feature enables real-time performance tracking, providing accurate assessments. 

Additionally, predefined process flows optimize operational efficiency, allowing managers to closely monitor progress and identify responsible personnel at each step.

SotaERP software is also highly appreciated by experts for its ability to customize according to the scale and characteristics of each business. In each industry and field, operational management problems will be solved in specialized ways. Meanwhile, most management software today is often rigidly stereotyped according to a certain model, leading to low practical applicability. 

To solve this problem, SotaERP allows users to proactively install and flexibly create features suitable to their needs and support businesses throughout the process of using the product to provide solutions. The most in-depth and optimal solution.

3. Some drawbacks of SotaERP solution:

Currently, the need for digital transformation of every business is increasing day by day, with diverse fields, from management accounting, production and sales, transportation,... Businesses deploying software need to have cooperation and understanding of both professional aspects and business models with their customers, which requires businesses to invest in careful research. Software consultants will analyze the current state of business operations to digitize data and configure subsystems in the most rigorous way.

II. Base – Comprehensive business management platform

Base business management software is developed according to the Microservice model orientation, providing a set of many individual service applications, each application will be specialized to solve each specific business in the business.

                                                    Features of Base software

1. Explore these following Base functions:

The Base platform provides an ecosystem of more than 50 different applications, grouped into a set of 3 products: 

  • Base Work+: Work management & performance 
  • Base Info+: Information management & communication 
  • Base HRM+: Human management & development 

Base's applications are integrated and data linked together to ensure seamless operations.

2. Some highlight benefits of Base system:

Base platform - with pre-designed packages for each application, helping businesses save deployment time when needs arise.

3. Some drawbacks of SotaERP system:

The typical structure of the Microservice model is the focus of each application on a specific task. Using a set of applications helps to quickly and effectively solve each separate task that each application poses. 

However, this approach often lacks a holistic aspect and fails to address the complex relationships between tasks within a business that often occur in corporate environments. Because it is used on many different applications, the Microservice model makes it difficult to build a unified and synchronized online working environment between departments. This can create problems in business support and pose challenges in building a consistent corporate culture. 

Furthermore, combining too many individual applications can lead to complexity and confusion for users, creating disruptions in the operational process. Through this model, users are forced to build their own operating systems and face the challenge of learning and choosing from many different tools to meet their needs.

III. Conclusion

From the analysis above, comparing the features that SotaERP and Base software can provide, it can be seen that each software is developed in two different directions, bringing with it distinct outstanding characteristics. . Both solutions can be applied flexibly and are suitable for all sizes and businesses. Depending on needs and purposes of use, businesses can consider making the most suitable choice.