Zalo OA Chat App Integration with SotaERP system

Zalo OA integration with ERP enhances communication, automates workflows, and improves customer engagement, fostering efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.
March 21, 2024 by
Uyen Duong

Integrating Zalo OA and SotaERP system is a solution that helps businesses synchronize messages and conversations from the Zalo channel to the SotaERP CRM and Livechat modules. Businesses easily respond to market diversity and ensure interaction with customers in many different channels.

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I. SotaERP CRM integrates Zalo OA: Increase opportunities to exploit potential customers for businesses

Understanding the needs and trends of the market, Sota Solutions has integrated the CRM module with Zalo OA so that businesses can effectively exploit the huge number of customers on the Zalo social network. At the same time, the solution helps increase the professionalism of consulting and customer care services, enhance the brand recognition of the business to increase conversion rates and future sales revenue.

Zalo OA integration

Benefits of integrating Zalo OA with CRM module

If the business is managing Zalo OA separately, the business will encounter many difficulties such as:

  • Difficult to recognize old and new customers
  • Easy to miss sales opportunities with customers due to delays
  • Forgetting customers without care and advice
  • There is no overview of the customers that businesses are reaching through the Zalo channel
  • Difficult to grasp the sales situation on Zalo: number of customers purchasing, person in charge of customers, total order value...
  • Difficult to measure customer conversion rate from Zalo

SotaERP CRM's Zalo OA integration module solution was born to record, store and manage customer conversations with businesses on the Zalo social media channel:

1. Synchronize customer data from Zalo OA to the business's CRM storage platform

Tích hợp Zalo OA với hệ thống SotaERP

Zalo OA integration into SotaERP system

  • Manage and track your employees' customer consulting process on a single interface screen
  • Unlimited document storage and customer exchange history
  •  Easily and quickly assign the person in charge of the customer, avoiding missing sales opportunities

2. Reach customers more easily by integrating Zalo OA with the CRM module

Tích hợp Zalo OA với CRM
Integrating Zalo OA into CRM module
  • Allows 100% of customers to be professionally cared for and nurtured through other integrated features on CRM (Email Marketing & SMS)
  • Develop a Re-marketing strategy that meets your needs
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of each advertising campaign
  • Easily track statistical KPIs and measure customer sources, conversion rates, orders, and sales of each customer

3. Helps check the status of the conversation

Zalo conversation

To limit missed messages from customers, the system helps classify which customers have completed consulting, which customers need consulting, and are currently consulting, thereby supporting them promptly.

II. SotaERP Sales integrates Zalo OA

1.  Quickly create orders and easily track the delivery process

Integrating Sales with Zalo OA streamlines communication, enhances customer engagement, and boosts sales. Businesses can directly connect with customers, offer personalized support, and facilitate seamless transactions. With Zalo OA's analytics, businesses gain insights to refine marketing strategies, leading to sustainable growth and improved customer relationships.

Tích hợp Zalo OA với Sales
Integration Zalo OA into SotaERP Sales module
  • Easily create quotes
  • Receive orders: After receiving the customer's order information via Zalo message, we can create a quote, or send product photos and prices to confirm with the customer. This helps ensure accuracy and efficiency in order processing.
  • Invoice: Businesses will create invoices and request payment from customers. Invoices can be generated in printed or electronic form, depending on the customer's choice.
  • Completed payment: After receiving payment from the customer, the ERP system will confirm the payment receipt and close the order. This helps track payment status and manage finances effectively.

III. Conclusion

Zalo - A very successful social network in Vietnam with a huge number of visits each month, has more than 1 million users, so accessing through Zalo channel will make customers extremely satisfied with all their questions and requests. Support requests are answered quickly and promptly, improving the professionalism of the business's customer care activities.
Integrating Zalo OA with sales and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms is an effective and low-cost tool for all small and large businesses.

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