Top 5 most effective and safe E-invoice software for small businesses

E-invoice streamlines invoicing, automates processes, enhances accuracy, reduces costs, and ensures compliance with regulations.
March 6, 2024 by
Uyen Duong

Invoicing is a vital aspect of the transaction process, and having the right software for this process will help make your life much easier. Check out the top invoicing software for small business.

Invoicing is part of the bookkeeping and accounting process. As part of the accounting cycle, and whether you’re selling products, services, or both, it’s important that you know how to write an invoice.

While all accounting software applications offer invoicing capability, any invoice generator software or invoicing system you’re considering should also simplify the invoice creation process.

Here are the best invoicing software options for your business:

I. BKAV Invoicing - Electronic invoice software

eHoadon – Developed by Bkav Technology Group, eHoadon tops the rankings, loved by users as the most user-friendly electronic invoice today.

BKAV inovice

Outstanding advantage:

  • Set up with a cloud technology platform to maximize performance and efficiency in securing business information.
  • BKAV is essentially an electronic invoice, so it will help businesses reduce worries about losing or counterfeiting invoices like when using handwritten invoices.
  • Built on a cloud technology platform, connected to the internet system, helping businesses easily communicate with their customers more quickly by email, sms or fax. This helps businesses save on two-way mail transportation costs.
  • BKAV invoice software not only has the effect of creating BKAV electronic invoices but can also help businesses create forms, notices, or decisions to disseminate new regulations to the entire company quickly and conveniently. more convenient than before.
  • With the advantage of software built on a cloud platform, BKAV Invoice helps customers look up information more conveniently, anytime, anywhere.

II. Electronic invoice software MISA MEINVOICE

MISA MEINVOICE is the electronic invoice software chosen by private businesses. This is an electronic invoice software that applies Blockchain technology to ensure safety, and security and prevents counterfeiting of invoices.

Misa Meinvoice

 Outstanding advantage

  • Support to make minutes of invoice processing right on the software and digitally sign (seller, buyer).
  • Integrate with many other popular sales accounting software.
  • Support to looking up invoices in bulk by recipient information, batch invoice for buyers
    Issue invoices anytime, anywhere on the phone.
  • Support to track debt and can pay bills online.
  • Support to approve and issue invoices anytime, anywhere on the website, phone, tablet.

III. SInvoice - electronic invoice management software 

SInvoice is an electronic invoice software of the Viettel network operator. This software provides electronic invoice management solutions for businesses. SInvoice entirely creates, sends, receives, stores, and manages invoices electronically.

Viettel E-invoice (Sinvoice)

Outstanding advantage:

  • Create Invoices directly on the interface of the software
  • Provide options for sample invoices or customized invoices
  • Offer module designed and linked to the General Department of Taxation
  • Provide a portal available for customers to look up information easily.

IV. Invoice - electronic invoice management software

VNPT electronic invoice software is also a big brand that many people are interested in searching and voting at the top of the list of best electronic invoice software because this unit has started building and providing services. electronic invoices since 2012. VNPT electronic invoice software called Invoice also brings many benefits such as saving costs of printing and storing invoices for businesses and integrating accounting software.

VNPT invoice
VNPT-INVOICE electronic invoice management application

Outstanding advantage:

  • Savings: Save time and effort in creating and sending invoices; Save costs of printing and storing invoices.
  • Convenience: Quick issuance, easy storage, simplification of invoice management, statistics, and search.
  • Safety and security: Electronic invoices have an authentication code from the General Department of Taxation to ensure accuracy, safety, and avoid being counterfeited like paper invoices. In particular, free storage of invoice data for up to 10 years for customers;
  • Compatible with many accounting software, easy connection with business management software.
  • Ensure full compliance with the requirements of the General Department of Taxation in transmitting, receiving and storing electronic invoices according to Circular 78.

V. Electronic invoice software IHOADON

iHOADON is a product of EFY Vietnam Information Technology Joint Stock Company. This is a financial accounting solution with fully integrated features. In addition, iHOADON is designed to be very minimalistic and convenient for use. ​

IHOADON E-invoice software

Outstanding advantage

  • The software fully meets the business of electronic invoices through convenient features and is very easy to use.
  • It is integrated with many management tools.
  • The interface is designed to be simple, easy to operate.
  • IHOADON software is certified with US technology copyright, so it ensures peace of mind about security, no worries about data loss, no worries about revealing personal information.
  • Types of statistical report is diverse, easy to reconcile, and manage invoices.

 VI. Conclusion

Thus, the article has shared with you some useful information such as criteria for choosing the best and reputable electronic invoice software. Let's learn carefully about the Top 5 most searched electronic invoice software in Vietnam: BKAV electronic invoice software (eHoadon), Misa electronic invoice software (MEInvoice), Electronic invoice software Viettel electronic invoice (S-Invoice), IHOADON electronic invoice software, EFY electronic invoice software. You can contact us for more information and enthusiastic consulting support, helping businesses choose the best software provider. Wishing you business success.