Top 5 best clinic management software in Vietnam

Clinic management software helps manage appointment schedules, electronic medical records, treatment services, flexible payment, and medication management.
October 9, 2023 by
Uyen Duong

The healthcare sector is an indispensable and highly competitive industry. Both clinics and hospitals strive to provide excellent experiences for their customers. However, how can patient relationships and overall clinic management be effectively handled? This article aims to provide you with valuable insights into the most popular and widely used clinic management solutions today.

The software solutions we are about to discuss each come with their own set of advantages and limitations. The objective of this comparison is to identify the most suitable solution that aligns with your specific needs and requirements. To begin with, we will start with an overview of each solution to understand their key features, followed by a more in-depth analysis of their respective strengths and weaknesses for a comprehensive understanding.

1. SotaERP - a clinic management software

SotaERP brings customers not only a great user experience with an eye-catching, simple interface, but also that SotaERP is trusted and chosen to use by the majority of clinics and hospitals in the dental field because of its integration. Perfect combination of different applications on the same platform, providing clinics with an All-in-one solution (all features and utilities are integrated in a single system), not only managing not only specializes in dentistry but also supports human resources, finance - accounting, warehousing, marketing,... extremely complete and convenient.

Highlights of SotaERP: 

2. Fastwork - a clinic management software

Fastwork software helps comprehensively digitize the company's operations to optimize the efficiency of personnel management, work and operation of large-scale businesses/medical facilities - hospitals, with up to thousands of employees.

Highlights of Fastwork:

3. AMIS - a clinic management software

AMIS is software developed by MISA. This is software targeting small and medium businesses. AMIS software allows online management with basic function modules such as accounting, finance, human resources,... suitable for the needs of small and medium enterprises.

Highlights of AMIS ERP software:

4. TCSOFT - a clinic management software

TCSOFT general clinic management software supports hospitals and clinics in overall management of document storage and patient examination process activities, helping to save time waiting to be examined by patients. them and help create professionalism for hospitals and clinics.

Highlights of TCSOFT software:

​5. Nextsoft - a clinic management software

Nextsoft is dental clinic management software that integrates comprehensive information technology solutions in the field of medical management. Currently, Nextsoft software is trusted and chosen to be used by many clinics and hospitals in the dental field.

Highlights of Nextsoft:

Deploying dental clinic management software will help dental clinics professionalize and modernize their operations. From there, both clinics and patients save time, effort and have more wonderful experiences. 

To update the latest news on updates to current management software as well as implementation experiences, businesses should contact SotaERP immediately for further advice!