Top 4 accounting software in Viet Nam

Accounting software provides full accounting operations and documents
October 19, 2023 by
Uyen Duong

In business management, success extends beyond customer service to encompass tasks like precise documentation, smooth information flow, invoice approvals, and tax compliance. Robust accounting software is essential for managing finances and ensuring compliance and choosing accounting software that fits your business structure is crucial. In this article, we'll explore further these top accounting solutions and their tailored integrations.

1. Sota ERP Accounting Software

SotaERP is a comprehensive business management technology solution for businesses, specializing in solving problems related to sales accounting software, warehouse accounting software, tax accounting software and chemical management software. Custom menu according to business requirements.

Some highlights of SotaERP Accounting Software:
  • The data is highly synchronized, integrated with other apps in a single platform.
  • Can be used to manage other modules such as human resources management, production, CRM, sales/purchasing, and can also manage accounting on the same software to save time and costs. 
  • High automation: automatically record entries from sales, purchases, salaries, financial reports, profit and loss,... 
  • Convenient for tracking: all inspection activities on SotaERP software are recorded, avoiding causing many unnecessary errors. 
  • Financial reports on SotaERP are presented clearly and easily to understand.
  • Serve you with the best choices such as providing free trial for all apps, coaching you how to use effectively this platform

2. Misa Accounting Software

Misa software streamlines business operations, automating income, expenses, payroll, and sales tracking, saving time compared to manual methods. Its diverse features enhance productivity across various sectors.

Some highlights of Misa Accounting Software:
  • High productivity: automatic accounting, automatic tax reporting, and financial reporting help save 80% of time. 
  • Smart link: connecting the General Department of Taxation, Banks, Electronic Invoices, Digital Signatures, Sales Software,... to create a faster and more convenient data processing ecosystem. 
  • View executive reports anytime, anywhere.

3. Fast Accounting Software

Fast Accounting is praised as effective software for reporting and administration in business. It offers robust support for newcomers in accounting and auditing, and its automation reduces the workload on employees.

Some highlights of Fast Accounting Software:
  • Simple interface, easy to use. 
  • Fast processing speed. 
  • Easily retrieve information, ensuring accuracy. 
  • Can be used online, no need to install software or support applications.

4. Bravo Accounting Software

Phần mềm Bravo hỗ trợ quản lý kinh doanh toàn diện, đặc biệt là hỗ trợ bộ phận kế toán trong nhiều ngành khác nhau. Nó giám sát chặt chẽ hoạt động sản xuất kinh doanh, giảm thiểu chi phí, tối ưu hóa quy trình, nâng cao năng suất hoạt động và giảm thiểu rủi ro thủ công cho doanh nghiệp.

Some highlights of Bravo Accounting Software:
  • Bravo software not only supports handling accounting operations but also has high administrative functions, for example: building financial management plans, revenue, costs... 
  • BRAVO Financial and Accounting Management subsystem has the ability to customize as required, expanding software features and scale based on the old software core 
  • BRAVO accounting software provides solution consulting services 
  • BRAVO accounting software easily connects with other modules in the syste


These top accounting software options for businesses cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize project tracking, free accounting solutions, or comprehensive software suite integration, you’ll find a suitable choice among these recommendations. 
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