Best ERP solutions in Vietnam

Top ERP solutions in Vietnam
October 9, 2023 by
Hung Tran

Digital transformation has been becoming more popular with Vietnamese enterprises in recent years. Simultaneously, digital transformation solutions including ERP solution receive more attention from government agencies and business owners. Each solution is suitable for special domain of manufacturing or services. Let's see which ERP solutions are most popular in Vietnam.

1. SotaERP by Odoo

SotaERP is developed by Sota Solutions., JSC, a part of Sota Holdings, a leading global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) & IT Consulting group with With 1000+ talented IT consultants & developers, we have satisfied clients across 25+ nations with 500+ successful projects.

With the focus on fully-packaged ERPs & CRMs, we aim at offering subscription packages, enterprise customization and integration solutions for SMEs and corporates in a global scale. Being a part of the top technology company in APAC, Sota Solutions is proud to be operated by leading experts with years of experience working with global clients, including big Japanese manufacturers and Vietnamese governments. We aim to provide optimal ERP solutions and create long-term values for our worldwide clients working in various industries.

We have multi choices for customers to deploy an ERP system, so that you can find the best solution that fit to your business field and scale:

  • Saas ERP solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises with fully-packaged solutions that adapt to every company's basic needs and work process. You can pay by year to save costs.
  • Customization plan is suitable for medium-sized and large companies which have numerous employees or have specific work flow that normal process can not adapt to.

Sotaerp solutions

With customization plan, SotaERP can be developed to fit with some of complex business workflow such as:

  • Clinic and hospital management
  • Real estate and property management
  • Logistics management

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2. SAP

SAP is a German software company which was founded in 1972, focusing on enterprise and business software. SAP is well-known as one of the best ERP system for manufacturing companies with powerful tools to manage all your production steps. SAP is the largest non-American software company by revenue.

SAP is famous for its complicated and complete solutions for business. SAP system is suitable for every sector of business including services, technology, FMCG, finance - bank...

Despite the fact that SAP has several products for different type of business scale from medium to large and very large companies, its pricing is really challenging for some enterprises. Moreover, using SAP requires users to have relatively computer skills.

3. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle is global software company providing technology solutions based on cloud technology. Most prominent features of Oracle NetSuite is CRM, SCM, manufacturing, project management, product life cycle, supply chain plan and logistics.

Nowadays, Oracle provides ERP solutions for more than 420.000 customers in the world.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft applications are very popular with Vietnamese users. Microsoft Dynamic 365 provides end-to-end business process. We can classify Microsoft applications into 2 main categories CRM and ERP.

CRM applications cover opportunity, leads, sales, marketing, customer insights, customer services...

ERP applications cover inventory, supply chain, finance, HR...

Therefore, Microsoft Dynamic 365 is suitable for commerce and service enterprises.

5. Bravo

Bravo is a Vietnamese ERP solution that is designed for Vietnamese users. Bravo is highly appreciated for its easy use and flexibility.

Some of main benefits:

  • Divides categories in tree map, which is familiar with Vietnamese users
  • Easily search for document names
  • Can be designed to adapt to business process
  • Vietnamese pricing

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6. Misa Amis

Misa is initially known for accounting software. Misa has recently developed a solution called Misa Amis which includes other tools for business management such as CRM, email marketing, HRM...

Amis is best fit for commerce and retail companies.


It depends on what type of business you are running, your scale as well as your needs to choose best ERP solution.

More importantly, you need to define digital transformation roadmap for your enterprise before choosing technology

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