Strategic Partnership Announcement: Sota Solutions x Zoho

The aim of this partnership is empowering business of all sizes
February 2, 2024 by
Uyen Duong

Sota Solutions is honored to become a Strategic Partner of Zoho in March 2023, a unique and powerful software suite for businesses of all sizes. The aim of this collaboration is to contribute to the development of the ERP ecosystem, providing businesses with solutions to optimize resource management and business processes within the organization. By streamlining processes, it helps businesses reduce unnecessary costs, simultaneously enhancing work efficiency and creating a flexible environment, enabling organizations to easily adapt to market dynamics.

Sota Solutions partner with Zoho
Sota Solutions's Strategic Partnership with Zoho Unveiled

A Collaboration to Promote the Zoho Ecosystem

In 2023, Sota Solutions seized the chance to partner with Zoho as it recognized Zoho's vision of empowering businesses of all sizes. Besides, our approach extends beyond standalone applications. We all envisions a unified platform that seamlessly integrates various tools, allowing businesses to manage their operations from a single hub.

Our collaboration is still on the rise, heading towards long-term commitment and effective partnerships between the two parties. As a Technical Partner, Sota Solutions will be embarking on a new project with Zoho.

About Zoho

Zoho, is an Indian software development company, established over 25 years ago and Zoho Corporation's focus lies in web-based business tools and IT solutions, including office suites, an internet of things management platform and IT management software suite.

Zoho applications

About Sota Solutions

Sota Solutions applications

Recognizing the demand for ERP application in the domestic market, Sota Solutions has collaborated with Zoho to jointly implement ERP projects for businesses within and outside the country. As a part of the Sota Holding technology group, Sota Solutions holds a top technology ecosystem in the APAC region. In addition to providing consulting, building, and developing high-tech solutions, operational systems, software, websites, games, the group is actively promoting the provision of ERP/CRM system-related solutions for global customers.