Sota Solutions Becomes Odoo's Strategic Partner

Partnership bridges the gap between providing business management solutions and furthermore being able to create customized solutions for businesses with special needs
January 31, 2024 by
Uyen Duong

The partnership between Sota Solutions and Odoo with the mission is to provide businesses with services related to the Odoo system, from implementation and customization to training and user support, in addition to helping businesses manage their business operations more effectively and easily.

In a significant stride towards technological innovation, Sota Solutions proudly announces its partnership with Odoo in September 2022, signaling a transformative shift in the landscape of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects. This collaboration positions Sota Solutions, with leading expertise and in-depth industry experiences. We strongly believe in our core ability to considerably offer cutting-edge and comprehensive ERP solutions.

Sota Solutions partnership with Odoo

Odoo is renowned for its open-source ERP system, with the accessibility through both the collaborative Odoo Community and the advanced Odoo Enterprise platform,  it empowers users to customize and develop a wide range of features.

Sota Solutions has a track record of successfully executing numerous ERP projects, frequently utilizing Odoo Community. By becoming an Odoo partner, Sota Solutions can unlock new possibilities to harness Odoo Enterprise resources, including access to Odoo Enterprise’s GitHub repository. This strategic partnership enables Sota Solutions to expand its capabilities and develop additional features such as HRM, Retail, Manufacturing, Freight Forwarding, and more.

Furthermore, Sota Solutions's IT team, already well-versed in implementing solutions on the Odoo platform, will now benefit from direct consultation, training, and support from Odoo experts. This collaboration ensures that Sota Solutions's IT team is equipped to deliver high-quality projects promptly, meeting the unique needs and expectations of their customers.


Sota Solutions has become an official Odoo partner with the goal of leveraging their accumulated experience on the platform. Sota Solutions aim to provide a comprehensive ERP solution, covering human resources, manufacturing, accounting, logistics, and more. Sota Solutions values Odoo's customization capability and intends to deliver user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to specialized businesses.

Overseeing the potential and openness of Odoo open source software, and through this partnership, Sota Solutions hopes to create a breakthrough in ERP system for specialized businesses from diverse fields and industries in the digital transformation era.

Sota Solutions has been building reliable relationships with partners from various parts of the globe. Feel free to contact us for further discussion.