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About Us

Sota Solutions offers Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) consulting and development services under packaged solutions and customizable options for SMEs and corporates in a global scale.

Our team is led by experts with many years of experience in implementing management systems for Japanese customers (Honda, Acecook, Sumitomo, Nissan...) and the Vietnamese Government (System VNACCS/VCIS electronic customs) and other projects with more than 10 million visits per day.

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Consulting on operations and business process analysis
Process improvement consulting
Software deployment
Custom application development
Extensibility and integration

Our ERP Solutions Platforms

Odoo ERP

An open-source, modular Enterprise Resource Planning system that helps businesses automate and streamline operations. Its modules span various functions such as accounting, CRM, sales, and more, promoting collaboration and efficiency. A key advantage is the centralization of processes in one application, offering cost savings and increased efficiency. Odoo is flexible, with cloud and on-premise hosting options, and features a user-friendly interface with customizable modules, making it a robust solution for business growth.

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Epicor ERP

Known for its industry-specific solutions like Epicor Kinetic for manufacturers, it supports growth and competitiveness in the global market. Available in on-premise, hosted, and cloud deployments, it provides flexibility for different business needs. Evolving from MRP, Epicor ERP now includes functionalities like inventory management, fulfillment, purchasing, HR, and accounting, making it a strategic tool for improving efficiency, strengthening supply chains, and maintaining a competitive edge.

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Sota ERP

Inheriting the advantages from the Odoo platform, SotaERP delivers optimal value to customers through the best consulting, deployment, and after-sales services. It’s an all-in-one management software that allows you to manage all your business operations using one system. SotaERP emphasizes low cost, quick deployment, and high effectiveness, aiming to let businesses focus on their core operations while SotaERP handles the technology aspect.

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ERP Services

ERP Consulting

We analyze your current business environment to identify incompatibilities of disparate systems and formulate strategies to integrate and migrate critical ERP software.

ERP Implementation

Deploy & configure your custom networks, servers, security, and data management solutions throughout your entire organization while maintaining data integrity.

ERP Application Development

We built feature-rich web-based and mobile applications using the best technologies, including Java, .NET, Python, and more to keep businesses connected.

Custom ERP Solution

We develop scalable, enterprise-wide ERP systems to automate critical processes and provide key data insights across on-premise, mobile, and web-based platforms.

ERP Extension & Plugin Development

We design, develop, and implement custom extensions and plugins that connect your custom ERP solution with added features, modules, and functionalities.

ERP Migration Solution

Update systems to ensure data integrity by migrating legacy data, integrating raw data silos, modernizing data infrastructures, and seamlessly integrating systems.

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Why Choosing Us?

Experienced in IT industry

Our personnel with over 20 years of experience in IT industry have been providing a wide range of comprehensive IT services, from consulting to implementing, meeting the highest level of requirements.

Strict QC & Security Standard​

By following strict quality management procedure & comply with international security standards such as ISO 27001:2013, we bring to you IT services with world - class ISMS.

Global Know-how

Our rich insights of international markets and understanding of cultural integration help our staffs always strive to bring localized knowledge in every step of the entire process.

Seamless Communication anytime, anywhere

With our global presence and staffs highly proficient in English, Japanese and other languages, we do not only understand your request but also can help you complete your idea and turn it into real products.

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Years of experience
Countries partnered
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